Let us Arise and Build – A Word of Encouragement

I believe God has shown us favor and put us on the hearts of many. But more that he is adding to the number of those being saved regularly and He is making the truth of the Gospel known here among us. To the praise of His glorious name. (Acts 2)
As many of you know we’ve recently began renovating Mango Square, the future home of His Dwelling Christian Church. The feat in itself is seemingly unattainable. And should one look with their own eyes rather than through the eyes of faith, one would fail to recognize the great things that God has done, is doing and, has yet to do. Continue reading


Lynn Baird: Teaching And Relationships in the Philippines

September 13, 2012 by SGM Staff
Categories: International | Philippines

On September 20th, Tony Walsh and I will leave for the Philippines, specifically the islands of Cebu and Bohol, where we have the privilege to serve a growing number of churches led by Cornelio “Nilo” Ebo . We have been able to partner with these churches since 2003. This came about after Fernando Impang, a pastor on Bohol, contacted us expressing interest to know more about Sovereign Grace Ministries. He was invited to the Pastors Conference in 2003, and that summer we made our first trip to the area. This began a long-term commitment to work with these pastors and churches through seminars, personal ministry, and financial assistance. Continue reading

Medical Clinic – Thank You Operation Blessing & 700 Club

WHEN WISDOM IS REFUSED – Wisdom’s Verdict and Vows

Wisdom calls on to the simple, the mockers, and the ignorant with determination to win them to the truth. She calls through the (prophets) preachers, ministers, and pastors. She presents herself openly, and without hesitation, she shares herself to the simple, the scorners, and the foolish. She has so many things to offer, so many things to give, and so many wonders to reveal. But these people constantly refused her, rejected her, and hated her. They wanted to remain in their pathetic condition. They don’t want to see the light. Continue reading